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Saturday, June 2, 2012



Serune Kalee is a traditional wind Clarinet which is especially from the regions of Pidie, North Aceh, Aceh Besar and West Aceh. It is made of wood, the shape at its base is small and it is large at the edges like a funnel. At the base, there is a
lip retaining disc which is made ​​of brass blowers called perise.

Serune have 7
regulator pits tones. In addition there are 10 layers of brass and bonding copper called klah (ring) and function as protection from the possibility of cracking / breaking. This tool is usually used along Rapai drums clan in ceremonies and in the accompaniment of traditional dances.


Drum found in almost all areas of Aceh. Drum serves as a traditional musical instrument, which, together with wind instrument of serune Kalee. They are played in every traditional dance both traditional ceremony and religion ceremony.

It is made of jackfruit wood, goat skin and rattan. Making a hole in the  drum-shaped jackfruit wood so that the cylindrical drum body looks like bambam. On the surface of the circle (left-right) posted of goat skin, which had previously been made ​​of rattan with the size like ring exactly to the size of the drum circle.

As an instrument amplifier the leather surface strapped by ropes also made of leather. This strap connects the drum skins from left to right. Bat (stick) drums are also made of wood bended at its end that is the part to hit the skin.


Rapai is a kind of traditional musical instrument of Aceh, as well as drums. Rapai is made of hardwood (usually from the stems of jackfruit) which rounded and made a hole in the middle. The wood that has been given a hole is called baloh. Baloh is larger at the top of the bottom. The top covered with goat skin while the bottom is left open. A skin clip or a voltage regulator of the skin is made of rattan covered with leather. (The clip is called "sidak" in Aceh).

Rapai used as percussion instruments, especially in ceremonies associated with religion, marriage, birth and the traditional game. Rapai is played by hitting with the hand and usually played by a group. The Rapai game leader is called Sheik or kalipah. 

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