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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Lhoknga Beach

Located just 15 km from Banda Aceh, you find the quiet beaches of Lhok Nga. These are perfect for those wanting to surf, while visiting and experiencing the culture and tradition of Banda Aceh.
Lhok Nga is said to offer the best surfing, and Lampuuk to have the best beaches for swimming and basking in the sun. However, as the two are 30 minutes walk apart, and it's hard to tell where one beach stops and the other starts, it doesn't make much difference where you opt to. 

The eastern wind that blows in November to January makes surfers enthusiastic to get together and enjoy the adventure of surfing an the Lhok Nga beach.

The visitors are the beginner to the expert surfers feel cool to enjoy the waves with a height of  2 and 3 meters. Some full shape waves make surfers really get satified of it.  This area is located 15 km from the city of Banda Aceh. It is still very natural. Although it was hit by tsunami six years ago, now this area has been facilitated and plented with trees, then the  white sand still makes the apperence as a beach that will never be forgotten. Fishing, snorkeling and swimming are also good at some spots that are much quieter and not too crowded.

There are also some homestays and restaurants, then  you won't go hungry in Lhok Nga. The local food here is great and very cheap, and there are plenty restaurants within short distance of the homestays. Additionally, it will be hard for you to stay long in a homestay without being invited to join your host for dinner.

  • Nurmashomestay, (Jl Lap, Golf - Lhoknga -'). Indonesian, Aceh and Western Food.
  • Harry's place, (Close to the river). It's actually not called Harry's place - it's just the name of the owner. Harry and his wife makes excellent coffee and banana pancakes for breakfast. Rp. 10.000.  
  • Rumah Makan, (Just before Harry's). 18.00 - 22.00. Popular with the locals this place (only open for dinner) serves wonderful Acehnese cuisine. The hosts don't speak much english, but that's ok. Just point to whatever you want, a calculator will show you the price (which is very reasonable). Drinking water is served complimentary, but do try their fresh Juices. Rp. 10.000

Lhok Nga attracts the budget backpackers and surfers during the season (December - March). Simple Losmen and homestays are plentiful here. Some of the places are only open in season, but don't worry, there will always be a place for you to stay. All accomodation is around Golf  street close together.

  • Nurmashomestay, (Jl Lap, Golf - Lhoknga -'). Homestay and Western Food.
  • Eddie Homestay, Jl. Golf - Lhoknga in front of Golf cours.
The rooms are big and the beds are comfortable, shared bathroom. You can use the shared kitchen where you will find free tea and drinking water. If you're really lucky, Eddie might be able to pick you up from Banda Aceh or the airport on his motorbike.
Eddie speaks excellent English. Mobile phone# +62811688682, +6281360319126 or +6281360041350 or
email: and
Price: 50.000 - 60.000 IDR.
  • Mami Diana Homestay. 50.000 IDR.  
  • (Yudi's) Darlian Homestay. 40.000 IDR.  
  • Mitabu Homestay, +6281360267655. 50.000 IDR.  


Pulau Banyak/ Banyak Islands 


Banyak Islands are a group of tiny islands in Aceh Singkil, Sumatra, Indonesia, primarily visited on surfing charters. The peak surf season in the Pulau Banyak runs from March to October when the swells are at their largest. There is still surf in the off-season but it is less consistent. 

From April to October winds are variable and usually tend west to south/west late morning making a combination of Bay of Plenty in the mornings and Bangkuru Island in the afternoon the chosen spots for optimal surf time. Ground swells from South-Africa generate waves that range from 2-10ft with the odd swell reaching 12ft. When big swells hit there is no better place to be than Pulau Banyak. During October to March trade winds offshore in the Bay of Plenty. West swell that hits the Bay of Plenty directly are generated by a combination of tropical cyclones in the Indian Ocean while being enhanced by lingering swells from the south.

There are more than 10 waves in the region offers a variety of surfing in Pulau Banyak suitable for all levels, styles and ages. Wave spread in two main areas: the Gulf (where cottages take a place) and Bangkuru Island - 40 minute boat ride from the inn.
The climax surfing season runs in this Island from March to October when the biggest waves come. There's still a time for surfing but less consistent. From April to October the wind blows varied and usually tends from west to south in the afternoon. It makes the combination of the bay which is in the morning and afternoon. Bangkuru island site is selected for the optimal time surfing.

Swell waves from South Africa produces waves that range from 2-10 feet, miraculously swell waves reaching 12 feet. When the waves come bigger, there will be no other better place than Pulau Banyak. During October to March comes offshore wind at bay. Big waves westward into the bay come directly and generated by a combination of tropical cyclones in the Indian Ocean while being enhanced by the big waves coming from the south.

April 2010 earthquake has actually proved surf conditions in Pulau Banyak with increasing tide mark and ensure that the wave can now be used to surf at all the ups and downs. In addition, the places were previously too shallow now used for surfing, opening a number of new waves that never seen before.

Gunturs - 50m with a paddle from the inn.
Handling all big waves and tides make the most consistent event on Pulau Banyak. It has two parts per barrel provides a high-speed long trip with a buffer wall surfable waves. Withing no mercy for a surf board when the great time of it comes. It would be suitable  for the experienced surfers. For the less experienced surfer, it is not a problem when it is small.

Lolok Point - 3 minutes by boat
It is a perfect wave with an appropriate background. A world-class wave has a different condition depending on the direction and size of the wave, as much as it could get. A medium size wave is very necessary to be the best. Water flows along the part of the big wall with an intense tube on the inside. In the smaller waves, the waves are shorter and less intense, but it can be much shallower.

Dindos 2 minutes by boat from the lodge
Located in the Gulf, this is a save area when the giant waves swell coming. Most of the days, it is not more than a shoulder high, but very enjoyable at this size. When the bigger waves hit this wave, it is destroyed in a perfect half-circle shape and form a great wall of the tube. Either is for both intermediate and experienced surfers. 

Treasure Island – 40 minutes by boat
Treasure Island is known as one of the best in Indonesia. The wind blows below the 200 up to 300 meters and it offers 2 to 4 parts of the tubes on almost every wave that hit the reef. One of the easiest waves in the world and is located in a beautiful location.

Log Cobra – 45 minutes by boat
Cobra is a wave magnet, more interesting and bigger that of Nias. When a place is not very comfortable, it usually has something else to offer. To the left front of the tube offers an intense and rip-able walls. Located on the pristine beaches to lush forest backdrop, it is truly awesome.


Most of visitors come to SURF on and around Simeulue, the most northern surfing island in Indonesia.
Located not far from the famous Nias Island, yet seems a million miles away from the crowds of Nias and the Mentawais. 

This island is really remote, as we take an 8 hour trip by boat or 2 hours by plane.
There are many natural things to see, such as wild animals and beautiful beaches.
If you don't feel like surfing, take a stroll along Simeulue's deserted white sandy beaches.
Or grab your goggles and flippers, hop off the boat and float over coral gardens.


With magnificent caves, freshwater river, through the forest, coral reefs, wildlife (whales, dolphins, dugong, turtle and bird watching), and the villages nearby small islands, there
are some plenty things to keep guests entertained if the surf is running flat.

AUDIO TOUR in Banda Aceh 

Discover a new side of beautiful banda aceh, indonesia. go back to the colonial days using a unique guided audiotour, fully narrated in english, dutch and bahasa indonesia. a free download for your android phone or tablet.

If there are no waves...
You can come to the city for joining this tour.

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  1. Visitors to Lhoknga, Aceh might also be interested in staying at Yudis Place, which is the closest accommodation there is to Lhoknga beach. Yudis Place is small and friendly with clean and comfortable rooms. All rooms are en suite and overlook a secluded garden. There are air conditioned and fan cooled rooms, from standard to delux. A cafe on site offers a breakfast and lunch menue with regular a barbeque fish feast. For more information please visit

  2. That's right!! We've been there many times before with crews. Yudis place is very suitable for surfers, Coz it is a strategic place near the beach of Lhoknga. And the food is also very delicious... YUMMY!!

  3. what accommodation is 50m from gunters? email me please. thx

  4. Sorry we lack of information for that. If you wanna know more about Banda Aceh we can provide.. Thanks

  5. Could you list 3 other alternatives for stay at Lhok Nga? Yudi's is fully booked during the time that we want to go. Thanks.

  6. hey guys!
    planning for a trip there in early june, as im still a beginner, do you think is safe to surf at the 'peak' and how will the swell be like in june?
    thanks for the time..

    1. Plese find Maurice at Yudies bungalow. He is a surf instructor in Lhok Nga. This is his E-mail
      maurice kruytzer <

  7. Hi!
    We are in Medan, planning to go to Simeulue, we´ve checked accomodations and for what we see they are all really you know a place for reasonable price?

  8. I know of that a new camp has opened up (2016) @ Simeulue in front of the peak Jackals... not expensive like the other resorts name is Casarina Simeulue Surf Resort or camp... Im pretty sure they have website if you google it..

    1. That is great
      Will check
      Thank you for your infomation

    2. That is great
      Will check
      Thank you for your infomation

  9. Where are you staying in Aceh Jesse?

  10. Very helpful information, and a very pretty place.
    For surf lovers, do not forget to visit the website or for more information about surfing!

    Thank you!

  11. Thank you Yuni
    Bali is very beautiful too