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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Lhoknga Beach

Located just 15 km from Banda Aceh, you find the quiet beaches of Lhok Nga. These are perfect for those wanting to surf, while visiting and experiencing the culture and tradition of Banda Aceh.
Lhok Nga is said to offer the best surfing, and Lampuuk to have the best beaches for swimming and basking in the sun. However, as the two are 30 minutes walk apart, and it's hard to tell where one beach stops and the other starts, it doesn't make much difference where you opt to. 

The eastern wind that blows in November to January makes surfers enthusiastic to get together and enjoy the adventure of surfing an the Lhok Nga beach.

Monday, May 7, 2012


The cultures in Aceh are strongly influenced by Islam, but there are still traces of Hinduism, which was former religion in Aceh. The Hindu flavor is mainly noticed in traditional ceremonies. There are three mayor ethnic groups in Aceh; Acehnese, Gayo and Alas. The Acehnese inhabit mainly the coastal areas of the province. However, in west and south Aceh, they intermingled with Minangkabaus, which reflected in language, design and customs. The Gayo and Alas groups are numerically smaller and inhabit the highland of Aceh. The Gayo to the north and the Alas to the south. Their languages are distinctive and related to the Batak languages in Sumatera Utara (North Sumatera Province). 

In Aceh there are 50 types of dance, 20 kinds of music, 10 form of literature and 9 tradition arts. Aceh Traditional Dances: In old times dances were either performed at the courts for sultans and their guest or in the villages as entertainment after hard work in the fields. Today dances are mostly performed at special government functions, but in many areas local dancing traditions and groups carry on the heritage. 

Each region of Aceh has own version of dances or its own indigenous ones. The costumes used are basically long sleeved tops and sarongs wrapped around the waist and colors are often brilliant. Women usually wear head pieces, but the use of jewelry depends on the aspect of life that is depicted by the dance. The Acehnese dance all have certain characteristics in common. Islamic values are often spread in Aceh through the dances. The dances deal with daily social activities. All Acehnese dances are performed by a group and are dynamic with stepping feet, beating of chests, hips and shoulder. Starting slowly the rythm increases during the dance. Songs and poem are always recited by dancers themselves.

Some of the popular dances are : 


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