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Wednesday, April 11, 2012



Tropic Travelers is a tourism agency provides some tour guiding for tourists in Banda Aceh.
The tours that served are bike, motorbike and jungle trek tours. There are areas included for an interesting adventure to visitors such as rice field, city, jungle and beach.

Banda Aceh is a city which has many cultures and histories from the Dutch colonialism, the Emperor and Tsunami disaster. From the year of 2011, the Aceh government has committed an event open for tourism until today. There are such a lot of things to see and experience in Banda Aceh.

People from all over the world know Aceh for Tsunami and Sabang. But before they get there, usually some tourists stay and see how Banda Aceh city looks like. Tropic Travelers would like to accompany visitors for a nice trip on a bicycle ride or a motorcycle ride.

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<The scenery from the rice field, on a planting season. The paddy looks greener and lower.

an irrigation water system to supply water to the farms

A very natural village that we can see, muddy pathway, a small river and trees along the way to the rice fields area.


All beautiful scenery along the way to the site

Aceh is the province with so many beautiful islands

<< The picture shows one of our crews cleaning out the beach. We care about environment and nature

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