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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Dress Code

In Aceh, you will be treated according to how you dress. Arms and legs must be covered if you are visiting the Moeslem dress area, for example inside the Mosque complex.


When visiting an Acehnese home or mosque, please don't forget to take off your shoes. When eating food, giving and receiving, you must remember to use your right hand.


When you greet someone always use your right hand, because greeting with left hand is impolite.  If you speak to someone that is older or mature, please say Pak (PAK) for men, or Ibu (i:'bu) for women, before their names. That would be more respectful.


Acehnese language is generally used in Banda Aceh, please try to learn a simple few words below for good impression:
  • peu? = what?
  • ho? = where?
  • pajan = when
  • peu haba? = how are you?
  • piyoh = welcome
  • tamong = come in
  • get = good
  • preh siat = wait a moment
  • jak le beuh = goodbye
  • lon = i
  • dron = you
  • kamoe = we
  • padum = how much
if you want to learn more about Acehnese language, you can visit this website:

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