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Thursday, April 12, 2012



Ulee Lheue beach is a recreation area visited by many people of Banda Aceh. This beach before was not only devastated by tsunami waves but also the worst part that was hit in the time of disaster. At that time, Ulee Lheue became no longer good place to visit.

After Reconstruction and Rehabilitation for several years, this area has been recovered and then become the most place that people spend time everyday. Most of the resident of Banda Aceh come to this beach for bathing with families. This is a very value tourism area for the people of Banda Aceh.

Besides it is very interesting and nice, this beach is very safe. There are dykes which can prevent waves for not directly hit the visitors. From a distance, Sabang appears on the northern part of the harbor. There also lies a port for people to go there. The access to Sabang can be done by two kinds of boat, a fast ferry and a slow ferry. In addition, tourist can have full accomodation when they try to go by boat. Along the way to the port there are a lot of stores selling foods and stuffs, restaurants, a gas station and hospital.


The beaches are on the upper west coast of Sumatera (Aceh) and located about 20km from Banda Aceh in Banda-Calang Main Road. It can be reached for about 20 minutes with very well asphalt road.

At Lampuuk Beach, the scenery is really amazing. It has white sands cover the beach. The look is very natural, quite clean in front of Hindia/Indonesian Ocean. This beach has big waves and strong wind too.

<< Lampuuk beach

Lampuuk and Lhok Nga are close to each other, the Areas were badly hit by tsunami too. But today, the atmosphere there is so peaceful and lots of visitors come from all over the world. Some cottages sell barbeque  fish which is the common food for lunch. This area are totally closed at night according to the syaria law and Acehnese local ethic.

In Lhoknga beach area, there is a cement factory which has been run for long time by the government. This was destroyed too. Unlike the Lampuuk beach, in Lhoknga the wave is much bigger and better for surfing. There are lots of bungalows can be found for rent in this area. Some parts of the beach  can be seen from the main road, it's nearby the traffic. Lhoknga beach has a very beautiful view from above the hill which is still on the main road.


Lhok me beach is located in the village of Lhok Me Lamreh, Aceh Besar, on the road to Krueng Raya (the port). It is about 40 Km from the city of Banda Aceh. Krueng Raya Port is used by the people for supply and accommodation.


It is down the hills which can be seen from above. This port is a gulf, there are hills lying beside it. The main road leads to the Lhok me beach which is about 3 km.

To get to this place could be done by a motorcycle or a car. The beach is a beautiful white sandy beach, it has become one of the popular recreation area for local people and tourists. Before tsunami exactly when the conflict happened, this location was very dangerous. Nobody ever came to this site. Today, after peaceful agreement, this beach is open for visitors, as there are lots of cottages and restaurants. Most people from the village nearby come along to the beach to sell foods and drinks

Even though it's far from Banda Aceh, but many people come to have a good vacation at the weekend. They often go camping or rent a bungalow to stay a night or two.

UJONG BATEE (East Coast)

There is a nice black sand beach in Ujong batee district. This location can be reached about 17 km from Banda. Pine trees give shade from the sun. Although it is at the east side of the city, People come to see the sunset from here. There are also toilets, shelters and food stalls nearby. To get here, rent  a motorcycle or minibus, this beach ison the way to before Krueng Raya and Lhok me.


Indra Patra lies between Ujong Batee and Lhok Me. There is a fort there which was built by Sultan Iskandar Muda. There are traces of Hindu influence in the architecture, including several stupas. The fort was used as a defense against invaders. Now this place has become a lively beach to go on Sundays and it is good for swimming too.

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